Growing up with access to nature and trails in which you can easily set forth on is a blessing on its own. But to be able to spend a night, or a couple nights, out in the wilderness on a camping trip is its own resort, sometimes even for free. Without paying for the fees and overnight charges of a hotel, you can experience the satisfaction of a trip away from home, the tranquilities of the outdoors and what could make it even better is the fun and magic that an outdoor camping trip brings with loads of fun camping trip games to play.

Though setting up the tent, figuring out how to cook your food with various outdoor cooking supplies, and exploring the great outdoors might take up the majority of your time, you might find yourself in a lull around the campfire after all the “work” has been done for the day. Maybe you and your camping group have been caught in the crossfire of a thunderstorm and are looking for a fun camping trip game way to pass the time.

You can also play these games during the day, giving you and your group direction when exploring the forest around you. Depending on the surrounding, the number of people with you, and your openness for new activities, you can take these games with you on your next camping trip to enjoy your time to the best of your abilities.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a great camping game not only for any age, it can be accommodated to fit any type of surrounding environment. Whether you are set looking for things in nature or have prepared and set up certain things to look for beforehand, your group will have a blast working in teams or individually to help complete the scavenger hunt.

There are so many variations of how to play this game, for instance, you can have the players collect the items, take pictures of the items, or simply commit to trust about if they have found it or not to check it off their list.

Roadtrip games

There are so many versions of these games which, since meant to be played in a small confined space of a car can be played without using any materials. For instance, the alphabet game, where each player must come up with a name or object with the next consecutive letter, can be played simply with clever minds and mouths. There is also I Spy, or finish the story. You can sing campfire songs, or tell scary stories.

Another great road trip game is the “Noah’s Ark” game, in which you have to repeat the previous players’ responses and add your own. It is a memory game and will result in a multitude of laughs.


Needing only a couple slips of paper or a mobile phone app, this is a great campfire game that can lead to lots of laughs and a surefire way of having fun. The rules are simple and all you need is a desire to have a good time and a lot of imagination.

Obstacle Course

This might take a bit of brain work to set up, but you can easily use your particular surroundings and lay out an obstacle course for your fellow camp members to play. This is a great game in particular when you are trying to wear out the kids who are hyped up on marshmallows and s’mores. If you make it a competition, this game could carry on and bring lots of energy to your camping trip.

Pass the water

This game is a great on a particularly hot summer camping trip. Each player has a cup or some sort of bowl which can hold water. The players stand in a line and the first person has a full cup of water. Tossing the water over their head, the player behind the first person has to catch the water in their container as well. Of course, the water will get everywhere, but this can also be a good thing.

These are just a few of many camping trip games that one can bring along on a camping trip as one of the most important items in their camping equipment. With these, it is almost impossible to not have a good time on your next camping trip.

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