We have looked at some of the key details of the Jeep Liberty and how it performs in general. This article will be great for you as a prospective buyer to read, but if you are already the lucky owner of a Jeep Liberty, you could also find out more about your beloved Jeep Liberty towing capacity.

Jeep first started developing the Liberty in 2002. Around the world, you might also find it as the Cherokee, but essentially this is the same SUV. Nevertheless, how strong is this SUV really and will the Jeep Liberty tow enough to carry your loads where you need it to?


Since getting my first Jeep Liberty in early 2010, it was quite a mission of finding out how much gas it uses. After a few tests the Jeep Proved to go around 15 miles to the gallon in the city, but with the open roads of the highway, the Jeep Liberty 4WD 6 cylinder, 3.7L Automatic 4 speed gave around 21-22 miles per gallon. That is very comparable to the official numbers.

When comparing this to the Jeep Compass 4WD, 4 cylinders, 2.4 liters, Manual 5 Speed of 2013, it was quite low when you are looking for fuel efficiency. The Compass is a repackaged 2013 model of the Liberty. The Compass gave us around 22 miles per gallon in the city, with shooting up to 27 mpg on the highways.

Overall, the Jeep Liberty, whether you choose the Compass or the original model, is quite fuel-efficient. The newer models are not as powerful as the older original Jeep Liberty.

If you are very worried about fuel efficiency, have a look at these boosters. They work great!


With a Jeep Liberty, you can consider the outdoors to be your playground. It handles quite easily in just about any environment and we never were stuck in any precarious positions. Whether the road is bumpy or you have to endure mud, the Jeep Liberty certainly excels. In this video, you can see more about how the Jeep Liberty handles on a muddy and bumpy surface and makes it across without any troubles.


Many of us love the outdoors and taking boats and canoes to the ocean. Since these items are generally heavy, it is quite nice to have a large towing capacity. Towing your RV to the camping site is another tough thing to do, but the Jeep Liberty is one of very few SUV’s capable of getting your RV to your camping destination.

You might also find friends with pickups stuck in the mud and having something to pull them out will not only help you look great but build up some more respect for your car. The Nissan Hardbody Kingcab is close to 3000 pounds and when a heavy vehicle like this does get stuck, it generally takes some pulling to get it out. The Jeep Liberty features a towing capacity of around 5000 pounds and this makes the stuck Nissan Hardbody no challenge.

The Liberty features a 5000 pounds towing capacity and this might not be the highest on the market, but it certainly will be enough for all your outdoor adventures. Here are a few towing benefits you will have when choosing the Jeep Liberty:

Jeep Liberty Towing Benefits

  • Towing your RV for prolonged distances to camping destinations
  • Trailers are generally lightweight, but when loaded with things like tents and fridges, they become heavy. The Jeep Liberty easily tow them.
  • If you love the water, you surely own a boat. The standard ski boat and trailer proves to be no match for the Liberty. I also like fact that you could use the Liberty to launch your boat
  • The Jeep Liberty is ideal for getting friends out of bad situations. The 4WD version is capable of going through any terrain and when friends are stuck in the sand or mud, your Jeep Liberty towing ability can be a lifesaver to get someone out.

Since the Liberty did die out in later years, the Cherokee (it has a different name for the Liberty outside the US) has taken its place. The Grand Cherokee, as the top range model is known, includes a towing capacity of 7400 pounds. With this towing capacity, you will find not much that can’t be moved and the suspension is designed to allow heavy-duty use. The Grand Cherokee is upgraded, which also means that it is a little more expensive to purchase.


Now that you have some more insight into the Liberty and the towing capacity, you should be able to see if it fits your needs. The Liberty is not the best when it comes to hills, but it will help you get through arduous terrains with ease. The 5000-pound towing capacity of the earlier version is still great for moving boats and huge loads, but if you need more, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a great option to consider.

We would like you to share your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know what you think of the Jeep Liberty and whether or not you think it is perfect for outdoors and camping use. Please also let us know in the comment section below if you own one and share some of your big towing experiences.

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