One of the most versatile vehicles on the market these days for camping if the Toyota Land Cruiser. You can make your dream Land Cruiser camping setup on the cheap, mostly, because the initial investment is low, allowing you to put most of your capital into the features that make your setup truly unique. Best of all, you can make your camping setup truly yours for a pretty small investment in accessories. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite features that make up the best Land Cruiser camping setup out there.

Tents set your land cruiser apart!

 The reason the Land Cruiser is so versatile and such a powerful tool in your camping arsenal is because of it’s ability to easily convert into a tent or camper.

Check out this gem from the folks over at 4xOverLand – they document the Defender series of the Land Rover and talk a bit about the conversions the host undertook to make it. The best part about it is that camper conversion, built by Alu-Cab. Based in South Africa, Alu-Cab specializes in Land Cruiser camping setups that take into account your needs and what you’re using the truck for. I love how easy they make them too. Whether you’re looking for a sleeper or a hunting platform, they’ve got you covered.

Too rich for your blood? Yeah, it probably is for a lot of folks. Check out AutoAnything – my favorite is this SmittyBilty Overlander Rooftop tent. Sleeping up to three adults, you can be high and tight without sacrificing space in your vehicle for storage.

rooftop tent for land cruiser camping setup
Smittybilt – Rooftop Tent for Great Camping Setup

Whatever tent you go with, make sure you choose one that fits your needs – hunting, sleeping or storage, you can find exactly what you’re looking for!

Winches and Lights and Everything Nice

 What sets Land Cruisers apart from other camping vehicles out there? How easy they are to attach things too! I love the ability to attach all sorts of flood lights, winches and racks to my Land Cruiser camping setup depending on the terrain. For example, if I’m heading into the mountains, I’ll attach this Warn high torque capacity winch to the front my truck and hit the trail.

Winch are an important part of a good camping setup
Warn High Torque Capacity Winch

Let me tell you what, ain’t nothin’ keeping my camping setup down with this baby hanging off the front.

If I’m going to be out at all hours, I’ll add these Lumen 52” LED Light Bars. These guys can make any campsite look about as bright as a summer day.

great light for land cruiser camping setup
Lumen 52” LED Light Bars

Remember, when you’re choosing extra accessories for your Land Cruiser camping setup, always consider quality over price. You may have to pay a bit of an upcharge on the front end, but when you’re 300 miles from the nearest town, stuck in three feet of mud, you’re going to be kicking yourself that you bought the cheap winch.

Don’t Forget the Guts

That drivetrain though…you won’t have to worry about getting your stuff from A to B with the Land Cruiser. Of course it differs from year to year but most Land Cruisers average about 8,100 pounds of towing capacity, which means you can take it and whatever you’re hauling behind you almost anywhere. Between that and the all-time four wheel drive, nothing stands in your way.

So you’re plowing through puddles and rocketing through mud, but what can keep you down? Air. And what is one of the easiest parts to swap out in your Land Cruiser camping setup? The air intake. Check out this great selection of fuel injected cold air intakes from K&N on JC Whitney’s website. This raises the intake up above the windshield meaning you can keep powering through upwards of three feet of water without getting your engine soggy.

That’s performance.

cold air intake for land cruiser
K&N Cold Air Intake

The Bottom Line – What to Look for you Land Cuiser

Camping Setup?

 The perfect Land Cruiser camping setup is a solid mixture of these three categories. First, find a tent for what you’re looking for. If it’s camping, make sure the platform is comfortable for however many people need to use it and you have enough space for storage. If you’re hunting, make sure you’re comfortable hanging in it for a few hours. Second, make sure you spend a little extra dough on your accessories. You’ll want to have the best of the best when you’re out in the bush. Finally, don’t forget to use that drivetrain and know that you can upgrade when you need to get into the mud a bit.

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