Getting ready for your next camping adventure or even some extended picnic fun? Look to power nap on after an extended outing, or simply on a sunny Sunday morning? You will be well equipped with our best knots for hammock guide. You can also have a look at this book for in-depth explanation on knots.

Well then you must certainly be looking forward to the simple but Oh-so-relaxing joy of swinging yourself to a shady summertime slumber in that most comfortable of all sleeping arrangements – The Hammock!
Setup hammock over a pond

Has there ever been a more satisfying way to whittle away a few hours of your day than the invigorating fresh air bliss of swaying yourself to sleep in the great outdoors?

Yep…when your batteries need a relaxing recharge there’s just nothing like an old-fashioned power nap while swaying in a cool, refreshing breeze!

But before you roll yourself into that most restful summertime slumber sling, let’s remember that every truly restful hammock session begins with setting up your spot so that you can start stacking your ZZZ’s both safely and securely.

I know that hammocks are a very simple joy but please remember that we all still need to be mindful when locking them down for our dreamy pleasure.

My Hammock Setup Essentials

  • Secure Hammock Webbing and Suspension– If you’ve stored your hammock properly this should not be a problem but before loading it up with Loved Ones, always insure that your webbing and suspension lines are in good working order. Worn out webbing or lines can lead to unfortunate and unnecessary accidents (and yea, OK…some funny YouTube videos too). It is possible to try to practice with this equipment.
  • 2 Sturdy, Secure and Reliable Anchor Points– This is, of course, very basic info but always insure that your hammock anchors (we like our trees) are solid, in good condition and properly spaced for your maximum comfort and hammock dimensions (in general, an approximately 13’-16’ span is the Goldilocks spot).
  • 2 Sturdy, Secure, Reliable Knots that Will Last Under Extended Stress– We all know that hammocks are a popular taking-a-break spot for everyone, so when securing your knots remember that you’re probably setting it up for a party of guests of wildly different sizes and shapes, as well as just yourself.

Which brings us to…

Yes, we’re not all Sailors or Boy/Girl Scouts (I was neither) so our hammock knots can sometimes be overlooked in our rush to relax. When I set up my first, I struggled and debated over what tying technique was both safer and superior.

My internal debate continued through Trial and lots of Error.

But over time and through practical research I’ve honed the preferred list down to (in no real particular order) our favorite knots.

Our top 3 best knots for hammock

1. The Two Half Hitch Knot– This super popular and super simple knot is easy to learn and a cinch to secure on all of our favorite trees. The only disadvantage I’ve ever encountered with the Two Half Hitch is that it can be difficult to adjust. And when it comes to hammock parties…adjustment is sometimes the name of the game.

2. The Bowline Knot– Arguably even more popular than the 2-half hitch, the Bowline (pronounced: bow-leen in case you want to sound official) is a reliable nautical knot that’s easy to secure to your anchors of choice, rock solid once secured and never slips or jams up. The Bowline, however, may take a few practice shots to master but I think it’s well worth the trouble.

3. The Becket Hitch Knot– Also popularly known as “the Hammock Knot”, the Becket is very secure and a simple whiz to tie and, even more importantly, untie! The big drawback with the Becket is that it absolutely requires an already existing loop/ring attached to your anchor, so this knot can therefore somewhat limit your flexible options.

Now you’re ready to get crack-a-lackin’ on those ropes then start scheduling those dates with the afternoon Sandman of your outdoor dreams.

And I’m calling “Dibs” on that first camping catnap! Cheerfully, this best knots for hammock guide serves you!

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