Description: If you are on the road to become a scuba diver, then it is important that you get to know the snorkel parts and how they work so that, you don’t get stuck while using the snorkel; that is what this article is all about.

The Way To Start

To avoid getting varied information about how scuba diving which might be misleading, I would prefer that you stick to this article, as it is the best guide for beginners to scuba diving. Through it, you will be able to learn about the snorkel parts, their functions and how to manage them and make them last longer.

If you are a new scuba diver, you should set to buy a set of fins, a mask, and a snorkel because they are the most important and basic tools to start you off and if you get it right, you will have an exciting time during your outdoor scuba dive.

Snorkelling kit with snorkel, mask and fins include all parts
Basic Snorkeling Kit

Snorkel Parts Reviewed

When you purchase a snorkel, you will find a splash protector or dry valve, a clip which leads to the mask strap, a flexible part of the tube, a mouthpiece, and a purge value.

There are four types of snorkels and they utilize the parts differently: the standard old-fashioned tube snorkel, semi-dry snorkel, a dry snorkel and roll up snorkel.

Snorkel Parts and Features of a semi-dry snorkel
Snorkel Parts and Features
  • Standard snorkel will enable you to breathe from one end, and the opposite end is open to air. Cheap price, but poor performance.
  • Dry snorkels have floating valves which close when you submerge. Acceptable performance.
  • Semi-dry snorkel has a cover which is designed to make sure that, the water is reflected on the surface, but still, it will submerge when you need to. Best performance,
  • Travel, or roll up snorkel can easily be stored in pockets, and thus, you will travel with it and use it whenever necessary.

Each of the snorkels, you will find a purge valve near the mouthpiece which will be able to help you to forcefully expel water from the snorkel without the use of much energy. Depending on your type of diving, you will have to choose the best the four for yourself. After purchase, make sure that the snorkel parts are kept in good shape so that, it gives you quality service.

What To Know About A Scuba Mask

When you go out to buy the mask, you will be met by various brands and types of different price tags like the double pane lens; single pane lens; dive mask with purge; and dive mask without purge; which might just make the task of selecting one, daunting.

When I went to buy mine,  I encountered different styles, shapes, colors, designs and material qualities that I was just spoiled for choice and ended up settling the atomic mask

Snorkel parts - Mask
Features of a snorkeling mask

I also noticed that each difference or change was making an impact on the price and thus, you will need to be keen, especially if you are operating on a budget and because I was, the atomic mask became my number one choice. I decided to consider my comfort while diving and made it my critical feature of selecting the mask.

Why did I do so? Because imagine yourself in the water for over 45 minutes, and yet you are uncomfortable. It will make you miss out on the joy which is supposed to be the main aim of going out to dive.

When buying a mask, make sure that you ignore all the other factors like price and color, and concentrate on how comfortable you are going to feel while in the mask. Try the mask on, and inhale in slightly through the nose and see if the mask remains in the nose with only the support of the mask straps, if it doesn’t fall, then it is a good one.

Make sure that your vision is clear when you are wearing the mask during the testing, which might push you to consider a mask with a single lens than one with multiple lenses.

Don’t try to rush when buying a mask because, that will mean, you won’t be able to have the fun which you are anticipating to have. Take your time to get the best and comfortable mask you can have for yourself.

Getting The Best Scuba Fins

You will find out that, when it comes to getting fins, it is as tough as getting the mask, especially if you are new in this world of scuba diving. You will encounter countless colors, different prices, styles and designs which might just confuse you. I will give you some basic factors which you need to consider when purchasing the best fins for your scuba diving

Snorkeling Fins with full feet heel
  • You can choose open heeled or full foot fins, which most of my friends who are snorkels prefer because they find them easy to slip on and off and they are affordable in price. All you will require the use of booties, but they will allow you to maintain traction or walk over difficult terrains.
  • You can decide to go for free diving fins, which are normally long bladed around 106mm to 152 mm, thus making it possible for the snorkel to acquire maximum power from only a few kick cycles. For recreational purposes, I find this type of fins to be too long and unruly in the water.

  • Scuba fins for common sports are what most recreational scuba divers prefer because they are of average length and readily available in scuba retailer shops.
Travel or technical fins with open heel
Travel or technical fins with open heel
  • Another type of fins you will come across in the shops while doing your shopping are technical fins. They are normally bulky, heavy, and short thus making it easy to use with reduced room for moving around.

You will come across different fins made from different types of materials just to attract you. I prefer yellow color because it enables me to be able to adjust and maintain trim under water.

The design of the straps on the fins is very critical in your choice of what you are going to purchase. For open heeled fins, you will need straps to keep them on your feet.  You can go for standard rubber or spring straps which both have good value, but spring straps are the most preferred and will advise you to go for them as they require no adjustment, and you only need to pull them over when you are removing or putting on the fins.

Conclusion on Snorkel Parts

The key here is, make sure you get all the right basic tools to enable you to enjoy diving and at the same time, you should be in a position to maintain the snorkel spare parts and the others for them to give you value for your money. It now also possible to repair the snorkel part replacement.

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