We’ve created this review of the best paddleboard paddles with some of the best paddles for SUP (yes, short for stand up paddle boarding ;).

If you are heading out on to your next vacation within a large body of water, perhaps it would be best to prepare thoroughly beforehand. Whether it’s making sure you are packing the sunscreen or some extra bathing suits, exploring some paddle boarding destinations for your vacation or long-extended stay, can’t be a bad idea. Even with the paddle board paddle review, everyone like heading to the water and enjoy the waves.

Here are our top four SUP paddle reviews to help you make the decision. Scroll down to read the details reviews to know everything about each paddle. And we can also find help choosing the right paddle length.

SUP Supply, 3 pieces Aluminum Alloy Paddle

  • Summary: Ideal for beginners as it’s durable and affordable. Adaptable to collapse down for storage and travel.
  • Budget Price
  • Get it from Amazon

Review Super Paddles, 3 pieces Fiber Glass Paddle

  • Summary: For beginners and advanced durable and quality performance.
  • Mid Price
  • Get it from Amazon

Super Paddles Review, 3 pieces Carbon Fiber Shaft and Nylon Blade Paddle

  • Summary: For more performance as it’s lightweight and stiff. Good quality vs value
  • Mid Price
  • Get it from Amazon

Super Paddles, 3 pieces Pure 12k Carbon Fiber Shaft and Blade Paddle

  • Summary: The stiffest and most lightweight design. Top quality. Double concave and dihedral blade perfect for high performance paddleboarders.
  • Top Quality
  • Get it from Amazon

Reviews of the TOP Paddle for Paddle Boarding

Not only can we give you point you in the direction of the best paddleboard paddles, but we are also going to lay out all the top characteristics side by side for YOU to make the comparison and best decision.

If you live somewhere near water permanently and are looking to invest in a good time, buying the wrong paddle board could be a huge, expensive mistake. The variety differs, and the choice you make can depend on a whole multitude of things. For instance, there are slight differences between a SUP board and paddle made for still, calm water, like lakes. Then there are those tailored to catching waves on the ocean.

SUP Supply, 3 pieces Aluminum Alloy Paddle

For the 3-piece Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle by SUP Supply, the paddle received a lot more positive reviews, attesting to its fast delivery, simple assembly and the fact that it floats on both fresh and salt water.

This paddle is ideal for someone who is renting out boards to tourists or who are just going out on vacation to try out paddle boarding. Because of explicit complaints about durability throughout usage, a one-time usage deal is probably best. However, 70% of customers gave it a 5-star rating, given its good design and budget price.

While some users boast that it was also perfect for adjusting height, some complain that it is difficult to adjust. So it’s a question of preference if you like pins and slots. Also, there are some negative reviews that the paddle broke off during the paddle board session, mostly on early usage.

The paddle is made with an aluminum shaft and a polypropylene blade but has been experienced as rusting down to a gold-brown shade of rust. The positive reviews rave that it is good enough quality for its attractive price.

Material: Aluminum shaft with polypropylene blade. Durable while affordable.

Adjustment: Adjustment with pins, some users did not like it. Length from 67 to 85in

The verdict: Best Budget Paddle

  • Pro: Great price, durability, adjustability, and collapse into 3 parts for storage / transport.
  • Cons: Complaints that the paddle pieces do not stay connected. Below average customer service as some requests was not answered.
  • Buy it here!

Super Paddles, 3 pieces Fiber Glass Paddle

With a fiberglass shaft and a nylon blade, the Super Paddle Fiberglass SUP Paddle is a positively-reviewed product fit not just for beginners, but also for regular paddlers. The paddle is made for surfers, racers, tours, or even just cruising. The paddle is connected by stainless steel screws, which backs up its durability. That makes it great for beginners as well, or those with businesses to rent SUP boards to tourists. It can definitely take a first-timer’s beating.

Though it’s a bit more expensive with the price, the quality holds and is raved upon from its ratings and reviews. They trust their brand so completely, that the paddle also comes with a 12-month guarantee, to replace it on an at-need basis. But, there are very few users complaining about manufacturing defects.

Material: fiberglass shaft with nylon blade. The paddle is stiff and feels smooth in the water. However, some find it unbalance as it is slightly blade heavy

Adjustment: The assembly is also practical. The Fiberglass SUP Paddle can be taken apart or set up in under 20 seconds. It collapses well and can be carried or stored easily. The adjustment itself is made with pins and an acceptable design. It lacks marks on the shaft to align both blades together. We would like the manufacturer to add this feature.  Double-check that screws are tight as some went slightly loose at reception. Length from 72 to 86in.

This brand also boasts a great customer team. On the 2 negative reviews from this paddle, the Super Paddles Team offered both customers refunds or direct availability for contact. This shows that they are willing to go the extra mile to present a quality product.

The verdict:

  • Pro: Good compromise between performance and durability. Great customer service which fulfills warranty up to 12 months.
  • Cons: Out of the only negative review, the customer said it was scratched and used when received. It received positive reviews from most users.
  • Buy it here!
Best glass fiber paddle
Super Paddles,3 pieces Fiber Glass Paddle

Super Paddles, 3 pieces Carbon Fiber Shaft and Nylon Blade Paddle

Ranked as number 15 on Amazon’s Best Seller List for Paddle Board Paddles, the Carbon Fiber Elite 3 pieces paddle is a great buy for all levels of paddle boarders. This is a great achievement for a product that is not cheap. With its carbon fiber shaft with nylon blade, the durability of the material is a good fit and its lightweight and high stiffness will save your arms when gone on a long day of paddling.

However, from the few negative reviews, it seemed that the paddle was unsteady with its middle button that connects the two parts. The customer service of Super Paddles immediately replaced their products under the guarantee or gave full refunds. It is a remorse choice.

Material: carbon fiber shaft with nylon blade

Adjustment: With clamps, which is the best design. Length from 72 to 86in

For the good reviews, customers boast about its lightweight in nature and full carbon model. There is also an anti-twist feature, which keeps the paddle aligned when moving about, whether it is you as the paddler or the choppy water.  The paddle also floats, which makes it easier for beginners who seem to fall off, quite a lot. The paddle can disassemble and fit perfectly in a lightweight carrying case which protects your purchase.


The verdict:

  • Pro: Easy adjustment, good service from the manufacturer which actually fulfills warranty up to 1 year
  • Cons: Rare complaints about middle button clasp that connects the separate pieces – solved by customer service.
  • Buy it here!
Best carbon fiber paddle
Super Paddles, 3 pieces Carbon Fiber Shaft and Nylon Blade Paddle

Super Paddles, 3 pieces Pure 12k Carbon Fiber Shaft and Blade Paddle

With its anti-twist channel system and adjustable paddle features, the Pure 12K Carbon Fiber Blade and Shaft paddle keep quality under control. The blade of the paddle is double concave and dihedral, which means that it is perfect for high-performance paddle boarders because it provides stability in even the roughest of conditions. The 12k carbon fiber material is built very accurately: it is the paddle of choice for advanced paddlers, or those seeking to best products available on the market.

It also comes with a case that is constructed with a tough nylon exterior and has closed cell foam padding. The case also comes separated into three different compartments which protect your paddle.  Along with the Super Paddle guarantee, you cannot go wrong with this paddle.

Material: Carbon fiber shaft with carbon fiber blade

Adjustment: With clamps, which is the best design. Length from 72 to 86in

The verdict: Top Performance Paddle

  • Pro: good adjustment, good service from the manufacturer which fulfills warranty up to 1 year
  • Cons: Rare issues with metal release button functionality – solved by customer service.
  • Buy it here!
top rated full carbon fiber paddle with carbon fiber shaft review
Super Paddles, 3 pieces Pure 12k Carbon Fiber Shaft and Blade Paddle

One After Thought on Choosing a Paddle based on this Paddle Board Paddle Review

If you are making your way out on the water for a weekend getaway trip, or are moving permanently beachside, the perfect paddle board is only complete with the perfect paddle. With our SUP paddle reviews, we hope we can give you more of a guidance to pick the right length, type, and brand.

There are so many paddle board horror stories where you are literally out there in the water without a paddle because it just broke, so we hope that these reviews can help weed out some of the best products and brands for you and your paddle boarding experience.

Not every paddle board will be perfect, so after going through our paddle board paddles reviews, you can trim down the wide selection there is to offer out there to not only get the best for your money, but also for your time. We hope you find the right product for you and of course, have fun out on the water!

Still, it is possible to pick up the best SUP paddle reviews.

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