Once you’ve chosen that you want to head towards the inflatable route when picking a paddle board, now you have slimmed down your options, but still, have a lot of work ahead of you. We’re here to help you decide on not only how to choose the best inflatable paddle board for you, but also which ones we’ve ranked as our best in our inflatable paddle board review. If unsure, you can also check our article comparing the benefits of inflatable board over rigid board.

When combining these different components to find the best solution for you according to some, if not, all of them, you have the perfect equation for an optimal SUP for you and the best inflatable SUP for whoever you are going to buy it for.

Below, we have listed our best inflatable paddleboards to help you decide on the best inflatable SUP for you. Scroll down below for in-depth reviews.

Best Inflatable SUP

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable SUP, 9’10” Long

Summary: An extremely rigid inflatable paddle board with a limit of 350 lbs. Made of military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction. Has a 2-year warranty


Atoll Foot Inflatable SUP, 11’0″ Long, 6” Thick

Summary: With three fins, It supports riders up to 300 lbs and is 11 feet long. Made of PVC material and has a 2-year warranty. The pump is a dual action Bravo SUP4 hand pump.


  • A Heavy-duty Backpack Carry Bag, A Poly Flex Leash, Fit Pump, Paddle, Paddleboard and Repair Kit.
  • Mid Price
  • Get it from Amazon

Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Inflatable SUP

Summary: Inflatable SUP with a capacity of 250 lbs. with EVA pads for maximum secure footing and anti-skid action.


  • Mesh Backpack with a Paddle, Removable Seat, Stainless Steel Tow Rings , High-pressure Hand Pump, Pressure Gauge, Valve Wrench, Fin, Board Leash.
  • Budget Price
  • Get it from Amazon

PEAK Inflatable SUP (6″ Thick)

Summary: The inflatable paddle board can host riders up to 300 lbs. Comes with a 30-day guarantee and a 1-year warranty on separate materials. Perfect for the everyday paddler.


PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard 9′ 9″ (5″ Thick)

Summary: Made of PVC material and a strong multi-layer drop stitch. The board has a large deck pad, a bungee for securing on-board cargo, and D-ring to attach the leash. This is perfect for a wide range of water surfaces like lakes, rivers, and ocean.


  • A Pump, Detachable Center Fin, Carry Bag with Shoulder Straps, Valve Wrench, Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
  • Budget Price
  • Get it from Amazon

SereneLife Inflatable SUP, 10’ Long, 6” Thick

Summary: This inflatable SUP is wide in nature, 10 feet long and 30 inches wide. It comes with three-panel fins to help with speed, handling, and steering. Perfect for beginners because of the non-slip soft deck.


  • Complete Paddleboard Kit with Paddling Essentials, Coiled Ankle Cuff Safety Leash, Oar, Manual Air Pump, Convenient Storage Bag.
  • Budget Price
  • Get it from Amazon

In-Depth Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Here is the opportunity to learn more on the best inflatable paddle board.

Review of PEAK Inflatable SUP (6″ Thick):

Peak delivers a truly awesome inflatable SUP that  cater to most beginner and intermediate level paddler. It is well rounded for use in many situation: it’s 10’6” length makes is great for cruising on the lake while with width and thickness bring in very welcomed stability. The added bonus as that this thickness also brings stiffness. This means that the board will not flex or bounce back when moving on it. The Peak is also large enough to bring a small child or a large dog on the water with you

The bag itself is valuable with the purchase on its own, the straps are thick and padded, along with the back of the bag being padded, perfect for carrying. It deflates extremely quickly and when inflated, feels very firm. The removable fin is great for portability. Worth the money, made to have fun, extra features and is sturdy just like a firm, hard board.

The verdict: Best Budget Inflatable Paddle Board

  • Tip: This is a perfect package for beginners from PEAK. The board is durable just like a firm board but without the extra weight.
  • Buy it here!
PEAK Inflatable SUP board review
PEAK Inflatable SUP

Review of Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP Package:

The Tower Paddle board adventurer board has a 6” thickness, which is ideal for an inflatable board. If the board isn’t thick enough, then it will feel weird on the water. Great for choppy water, at an affordable price, and easy to store away in a backpack. Has had positive reviews on convenience, stability, and durability.

It also has a stiff structure and rigid enough. It also comes with a handle in the middle and two “D” rings which makes it possible to tie up to the board.

The Verdict:

  • Tip: For those looking to paddle board recreationally, this board is for you. It is large enough to make the paddling easy.
  • Buy it here!
Tower Paddle board adventurer board review
Tower Paddle Board Adventurer

Review of Atoll Foot Inflatable SUP, 11’0″ Long, 6” Thick, 32” wide

The Verdict:

  • Tip: Perfect for those looking for optimal customer service and warranty. The board is super lightweight and has the best of both worlds: stability, dependability and the possibility of ease of travel.
  • Buy it here!
Atoll Foot Inflatable SUP review
Atoll Foot Inflatable SUP

Review of Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Inflatable SUP

For those who aren’t looking to speed, but still want a durable board, the Sportstuff 1030 adventure inflatable board can be inflated within ten minutes and is rigid enough to hold even several children and even pets. Has great stability and maneuverability.

The board also comes with a seating option to sit down and paddle. The pumping takes about ten minutes but is worth it. The entire product is simple to use and fun.

The Verdict:

  • Tip: Perfect for beginning paddle boarders at it more than affordable price.
  • Buy it here!
Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Inflatable SUP review
Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Inflatable SUP

 How to choose the best inflatable paddle board

review of the best inflatable paddle boards
How to Choose a Inflatable paddle boards

Based on the purpose of your board, you can decide on what type. The great thing about the inflatable board is that it can be blown up into any of the different styles of paddle boards. We hope that our inflatable SUP reviews can help.

It can take form as a flat water race board, which are usually long, narrow, and have a displacement hull. They are generally made for racing in flat waters and are not for beginners.

A touring board is otherwise known as all-around general paddle boards, good for pretty much anything. From choppy water to whitewater rafting, they are great for stability.

The surfing paddle boards are thick, wide, and long. However, the rails of the board are thinner than normal so you’re able to catch the wave.

The different components you need to consider, apart from which inflatable board is best for the particular surface of the water, include the width, length, and thickness of the board. What can also make a difference is the nose rocker of the board, the hull shape, and the rails.

The thickness of the board can help define the flotation of the board but can be different on an inflatable board. If it is too thin, the board may feel less stable, so it is in your best interest to pick one that has a good amount of density, at least six inches.

The length of the board can dictate the speed of it. The longer the board, the faster it is. However, if you are going for the longer SUP, that means you might have to sacrifice its ability to maneuver. The longer the board is, it is more difficult to turn.

If you are a beginner or not really concerned with speed and maneuvering through rocks or other attributes, a wide paddle board is in your best interest. The thinner boards are generally sought from more advanced paddle boarders.

The nose rocker, which means how far up the nose of the board pulls up, can also be important if you are heading into choppy terrain or whitewater.

The hull shape of your paddle board can either be displacement or planning. Displacement hulls are used in most cases to race and for speed. Planing hulls are better for beginners and are more rounded.

The rails of the board can also make a difference if you are planning to use your paddle board to surf. The rails or the sides of the board are used to carve while surfing.

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