If you are mesmerized by Stand Up Paddle boarding, or SUP for short, and want to jump right in (the sport, that is, not the water!) yet you have a rather large shape holding you back, we are here to assure you, that not only are you not alone, it’s actually not a problem at all. Let’s say you’re a bigger person, whether in height or weight, and you fear SUP. Here is our list for the best paddle boards for big guys.

Finding the right kind of stand up paddle boards for big guys is the key to an amazing experience out on the water. Knowing your paddle board weight limit is critical. There are several aspects defining a board for what it is. They have to do with the Hull type, the material it is made out of — whether it is solid or inflatable, the volume and weight capacity, and the length, width, and thickness. Just from those four aspects, you may have a lot already on your plate, but once you tackle them, you can then move on to the finer extras and accessories that can help you on your way to find the perfect stand up paddle boards for big guys.

Just read below our summary to learn more on how to choose the right paddle boards for big guys (or girls).

  1. CBC Keeper Sports: Classic Rigid Foam Board 10’6”
      • Includes: Adjustable Paddle, SUP Leash, One Center Fin, Camera Mount, Protective Tail Cap & Roof Racks
      • Summary: Foam Paddle Board with accessories included. Made with handle at the top for easy carry and comes with a wood-looking finish.
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  2. Bright Blue Co, Inflatable Board, 12’6”
      • Includes: Pump, Paddle, Fin, Backpack, Leash, Pouch
      • Summary: Inflatable with stainless steel for ankle leash. Completely portable, has weight limit of 350 lbs and is sleek, lightweight, and fast.
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  1. California Board Co, Inflatable Board, 11′
      • Includes: Pump, Paddle, Bungee, 3 Fins System and Ankle Strap
      • Summary: Inflatable with PVC coat, fabric, and mesh which means that the board can be inflated to maximum durability. A great stand up paddle boards for 300lbs!
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  2. Thurso Surf Waterwalker Inflatable Board, 11′ (32” wide)
      • Includes: CARBON Shaft Paddle, 2+1 Fins, Deck Bag, Leash, Pump and Backpack.
      • Summary: Inflatable with extra accessories. Made with two layers of construction, although lightweight. Has two year warranty.
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Reviews of stand up paddle boards for big guys (or gal!)

Without further ado, now that you have more knowledge about what are the standard paddle boards ideal for your weight and goal, we’re going to review for you the four different paddle boards built for the bigger guy.

California board co Rigid Foam Paddle board

The California Board Co Rigid Foam Paddle board, though not inflatable, is light enough to carry to the water at 25 lbs., but sturdy enough to hold you. There is a handle at the center of the board to carry it as well. The paddle board is durable and stable, depending of course on the weight, but can hold various amounts of people. The foam paddle board is 25 pounds and has a dimension of 129.1 x 31.9 x 3.9 inches.

In short:

  • Pro: Has camera mount, padded roof rack, and a weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Con: Complaints about arriving damaged or being unstable.
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Californoa board Co, rigid foam board for big guys
CBC Rigid Foam Board, 10′ 6”

Bright Blue Inflatable Paddle Board

The Bright Blue Inflatable Paddle Board is a touring board, but because of its skinnier frame, isn’t meant for beginners— beginners are recommended to order the11’6” x 32 version. The inflation time is about five minutes, and faster to deflate. It ships quickly and the quality doesn’t go down just because it is inflatable. The board is sturdy and made to take a few bumps and bruises. Great value for the price. It weighs 11.3 kg. Product dimension: 419.1 x 15.2 x 76.2 cm

In short:

  • Pro: This board is made for those wanting to go fast. Perfect because it has all necessary equipment for carry.
  • Con: Gauge on the pump might not work.
  • Get it at Amazon!
bright blue inflatable paddle board with high weight capacity
Bright Blue Inflatable Paddle Board

California Board Company Inflatable Paddle Board

The California Board Company Inflatable Paddle Board is made narrow, stable, and fast. t also has extra accessories to make your experience more enjoyable. Plenty of customers approving of their weight limit capacity of the paddle board and an overall great experience. The pump ensures that the board is pumped to the full capacity, which makes it ideal for maximum rigidity and performance. It weighs 10.4 kg. Product dimension: 335.2 x 15.2 x 78.7 cm.

In short:

  • Pro: A stable board with three fins, one is detachable. Comes with pack, and all assembly extra materials.
  • Con: Pump might be faulty.
  • Get it at Amazon!
California Board Company Inflatable Paddle Board with weight limit
California Board Co Inflatable Paddle Board

Thurso Surf Inflatable Paddle Board

The Thurso Surf Inflatable Paddle Board comes to the needs and desires of those boarders who just want to do it all. It comes with a two year warranty, a removable fin set, leash, bag, pump, backpack, and a carbon shaft paddle. Perfect for beginners and lightweight for travel. This board has a weight of 19.1 kg, so a bit heavier than the others. But has a product dimension of: 89.4 x 46.2 x 32.8 cm

In short:

  • Pro: Great design with stiff feel and extra accessories. Comes with a great Carbon Fiber paddle.
  • Con: Complaints about EVA pad, lack of straps, and glue stains on board deck.
  • Get it at Amazon!
4.Thurso Surf Waterwalker Inflatable Board, 11' (32'' wide) for big guys and paddle board weight limit
Thurso Surf Waterwalker Inflatable Board, 11′ (32” wide)

Advices for SUP weight limit

Here is our advice to help you choose the right paddle board for its weight limit.

Tip 1: Find the perfect hull for your activity

Depending whether you are a beginner or you are using your paddle board for fitness, there are one of two different type hulls you need: a planing hull or a displacement hull. Just to get back to the basics, a hull is the body of the paddle board.

  • A planing hull is wider, flatter, and made more for beginners and paddle boarders looking to leisurely paddle, also it is great for surfing, yoga, and whitewater paddle boarding.
  • A displacement hull has a more pointed nose, and is thinner in width. This makes it easier to slice through the water and create a good environment for racing. This type of board also requires less effort to paddle, so is great for the long distance paddler. A displacement board is made ideal for racing, SUP touring, and fitness paddling, for those long distances.

Tip 2:  Watch your material

There are two different construction styles when it comes to paddle boarding. You can either have the hard, solid SUPs that are heavier, yet sturdier or you can choose the inflatable boards. Here are the reasons to help you choose which one is right for you.

  • Inflatable SUPs are great if you are planning to paddle in whitewater. If you compare it to a raft or an inflatable kayak, it will work better and have less damage when bumping into rocks and whatever else you may find out there. If you have limited place to store your SUP board or if you are going on a long trip, the inflatables are perfect because they can be compact, deflated, and stored away in a bag or a small space. This can be great if you are also hiking to a beautiful, scenic area and want to take your paddle board with you.
  • Solid SUPs are more if you are looking for performance rather than comfort. This type is also sturdier when it comes to riding waves. Solid boards come in more exact sizes, so it will be easier to find a perfect fit for you. The only downside is that you have to have a place to store it, because it doesn’t deflate like the other one.

Tip 3: Choose the right volume for the sup weight limit

For those of you wondering, “Is there a weight limit for paddle boarding?”, and “How much weight can a paddle board hold?” — we have the answers.

The volume of your paddle board will be measured in liters. If the volume for your board is in the higher numbers, it means that it can support more weight. The SUP weight limit is an important factor in choosing a board.

The weight capacity, or paddle board weight limit of your board obviously means how much weight it can support from the rider. This is important to know, because if your board can’t handle you, then it will be pretty inefficient in the water, riding lower below the surface — which means more work for you. This doesn’t necessarily limit to the weight of a person, it also encompasses any extra weight like a dog, gear, food, or drinking water. If you are too light, then your board can be too heavy for you to control. If you are looking for a displacement board, the paddle board weight capacity measurement is ride or die and critical to know if you want to be under control.

Tip 4: Your SUP board should fit YOU!

The measurement of a board: length, width, and thickness is congruent with the type of paddling you will be doing, your body type and your ability level.

There are three sizes: short, medium, and long.

  • Short: Usually for surfing or for kids starting out. Just like a surfboard, they are easy to maneuver. These boards are usually found under ten feet long.
  • Medium: This size is the most commonly found at tourist rentals, or SUP yoga classes. It is ideal for the paddle boarder who wants one just to have one. They are ten to 12 feet long.
  • Long: For your long-distance paddlers, these boards are ideal because they are faster but are more difficult to turn, so when you are just going straight on, it’s perfect. This type will also have the highest paddle board weight limit.
guide to choose the right sup length for weight capacity
Choose the right SUP Length

For your widths can be anywhere form 25 inches to 36 inches. If you are looking to carry your gear with you, you will want to go with a wider paddle board. You should also pay attention to body type when choosing a width. Beginners also should stray from those skinny, fast paddle boards to start off.

Thickness also is congruent with your weight and the paddle board weight. Thinner boards are for less weight and thicker is for more. Thin boards are also for more flat water , whereas thicker boards are great for whitewater rafting.

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