As you may be thinking about the summer, you might be in your office planning your next vacation. Even if January felt like an entire year on its own, you will, like you have done before making it to your next vacation days! We all know what those mean — heading to the surf or water as quickly as you can. With such a plan ahead of you, you should need to invest in a few pieces of equipment to enjoy yourself in the water. However, don’t make it just about you! These yoga stand up paddle boards not only can help show you a good time, some of them can even fit the entire family!

With so many brand names and choices out there, it might be difficult to decide which paddle board is perfect for you. Not only do you have to find a SUP board that fits your size and budget, if you’re planning on going outside the box and practicing your yoga as you’re enjoying a vacation on the beach or on the lake, you have to narrow down your choices to the one that can hold steady as you’re holding your poses. We have gathered here, a list of the best SUP boards for yoga.

Selection of the Best Sup Board for Yoga

ISLE 10’4″ Airtech yoga inflatable sup

  • Pros: It’s large (31″) and very stable. Manufacturer provides top notch service. Quality material.
  • Include: Adjustable paddle, bag and pump
  • Get it from Amazon

Atlantis Paddle Board with Oversized Mat

  • Pros: Stiff construction that is perfect gliding, oversized mat, high weight limit (400lbs).
  • Include: Adjustable paddle, bag, pump and 3 fins system
  • Get it from Amazon

Goplus 10′ Inflatable SUP

  • Pros: Unbeatable price,
  • Include: Adjustable paddle, pump, bag and repair kit
  • Get it from Amazon

Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP

  • Pros: Truly designed for yoga enthusiasts. Extra wide mat. No middle handle,
  • Include: Carrying strap, paddle, pump, bag and repair kit.
  • Get it from Amazon

BOARDWORKS Joyride Flow 9’11” Yoga

  • Pros: D signed for yoga enthusiasts. Extra wide mat. Beautiful wood deck.
  • Include: Paddle, pump, bag and repair kit.
  • Get it from Amazon

How does SUP Yoga differ from Regular SUP or Regular Yoga?

Combining the two different connections, from being fully centered and engaged with the entirety of the symbiotic relationship between body, mind, and soul to the peace and sense of fulfillment and getting lost in the gentle rocking of the water is SUP Yoga.

A Yoga SUP needs to focus on balance and stability, being specifically designed as wider, fatter, stable, and overall just more adept to floating. The thicker they are, the better it is so the pad on the deck stays pretty dry. The deck pad of your board should also be as comfortable as say, your yoga mat would be.

Not only is it a challenging process but it will help you get to a place mentally, spiritually, and physically that you have not yet experienced. For SUP Yoga, you will need a wider paddleboard, an okay attitude to falling into the water, and an anchor or PFD depending on personal preference.

Review of the Best Yoga Standup Paddle Board

These SUP boards for yoga are collected and dissected side-by-side to give you an easy-to-read chart that can help you compare the different yoga paddle boards. Certain characteristics, like price or thickness of the board, might be important to you, or the lightweight or extra supplies like a backpack to hold your sup yoga board and all of its accessories. Whatever it is that can win you over, with our list, we hope that you can find what you’re looking for to purchase your best stand up paddle board for yoga.

Review : ISLE 10’4″ Airtech yoga inflatable sup

The ISLE 10’4″ Airtech sturdy stand up paddle board is one of the largest on our list of top five. With a great price for a board of such quality, this SUP is the best SUP for yoga. Like all the best SUP yoga boards, it is stable enough for fitness exercises like yoga, with a wide nose and a tail outline that offers a stable platform. It is scientifically designed with technology to make it 30 percent lighter than most other paddle boards, so the compromise of being so large, but lightweight will win you over. The board also includes a rail and deck mounted bungee system to put all your equipment or extra accessories after you’ve paddled out and are preparing to practice your yoga. This is one of the cheapest and best sup yoga board for sale out there.

Review : Atlantis Paddle Board

Featured and self-proclaimed as the best inflatable SUP, and one of the best SUP boards for yoga, the Atlantis Paddle Board has three fins to make it perfect for stability while you’re performing yoga out on the water. It performs just like with hardboard quality, but even better yet, has an anti-slip deck pad surface that claims to be much larger than most SUP yoga boards out there. Fitting perfectly into the included backpack, the inflatable SUP deflates and folds up, ready to be transported to the water, perfect for those frequent goers, like groups that are into SUP Yoga in California or SUP Yoga San Diego.

Review: Goplus 10′ Inflatable SUP

One of the faster-inflating SUP boards for yoga, this inflatable stand up paddle board standing at ten feet can inflate in less than five minutes for an in-and-out quick trip to practice your SUP board yoga. This yoga SUP board is also great for beginners and since it has a large weight restriction can even handle a large number of supplies for while you are out there on the water or even perfect to fit a whole other person! The non-slip grip is a great feature to make it one of the best paddle boards for yoga — you will be less likely to fall off while doing your poses and feel safer to try for the harder poses that you’ve never done before! Since it has a unique length and proportion as well, it is for beginners as well as more advanced paddleboarders.

Review: Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP

The Lotus SUP Yoga Board is extra wide, made perfectly and constructed to be the go-to for those looking to get a suitable and one of the best yoga stand up paddleboard. The board also features an increased large traction foam area which is perfect for a comfortable platform for you doing your fitness yoga and an improved grip to not slip off. This yoga stand up paddle board even boasts a double layer outer skin which is superiorly made for extra durability in the water, so you can go out there as many times as you’d like.

Review: BOARDWORKS Joyride Flow 9’11” Yoga

When it comes to price, if you’re looking for the best SUP yoga board, you can stop looking here. This yoga paddle board is actually perfectly made for you. If you’re willing to pay the price, this board actually has a bamboo deck and a yoga mat style made which is made with some of the best quality Soft Croc EVA, built in with a non-chaffing feature. Out of the best SUP yoga paddleboards out there, this board is one of the best when it comes to quality, looks, and other features. This board comes with handles and plugs, which makes it stand out from the rest.

We hope that this guide has helped you with picking out your perfect stand up paddleboard. Especially if you are trying your hand out on SUP yoga or even if you’re a beginner, you can find the perfect board not only for your budget, but also in looks, in portability, and also in weight. Take another look at our chart with all of the yoga SUP boards side-by-side to help you better make your decision on your purchase before you pick out one specifically for you or for one of your family members. Depending on what’s most important to you, you can find a SUP board that not only fits your needs but also your desires and what looks best for you.

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